Writer’s block is something that every writer must contend with at some point. It seems to creep in at the worst moments, and the anxiety it causes can only worsen the problem. There is nothing worse than having a deadline to meet or a great idea, only to sit down to write and find the words are not coming. The great news is there are steps you can take to overcome writer’s block.

  1. Change your environment. This can be something as simple as cleaning off your desk to rearranging your office. This simple change can be a catalyst to write.
  2. Read. Believe it or not, the best writers are also avid readers. But to really stimulate your writing, read something outside of what you would normally read. This not only sparks creativity, it opens your mind to new ways of writing that you might want to experiment with.
  3. Take a walk. Taking a walk can be a great catalyst for your writing. Some of the best ideas are born this way. Do your best, however, to walk without headphones or earbuds. Just walk and enjoy your surroundings. Tune in to nature, or people, or the architecture around you.
  4. Listen to your favorite music or singer/songwriters. This can be a treasure trove of inspiration that can spark your creativity.
  5. Write in a different place. If you are used to only writing in your office, move to your patio and write. Perhaps you had rather go to your local coffee shop and write. Just being in a different location can trigger your writing.
  6. Just write and get some words on the page. Don’t worry about how good it is or if it is sellable. Just write. Force yourself, even if you don’t feel like it – even if it feels awkward. Very often the words will start flowing, enabling you to work on a piece you really want to write.

Writer’s block is normal, and happens to the best writers. Just remember that the worst thing you can do is just stop writing during these times. Do what you can to spark your creativity, and have fun doing it!