We are primarily a graphic design website. Some authors want to see what they are buying before they order. We provide one of a kind templates created by world class designers. Once you find a book cover you want after you purchase the cover it will no longer be available on the site. We will also customize the cover with your information and even tweak elements of it to better match your story.
All of our templates come with custom support and help. You can easily edit any template with Adobe Photoshop, Gimp or the online editor Photopea.com

If at any time you get stuck, reach out to the seller or customer service directly.
If you wish to have your ebook cover turned into a custom full cover print cover, reach out to our design team after you purchase your template and we will be more then happy to assist you with this.
We will only offer refunds on templates that are unfinished or are broken.

Most templates are hand reviewed and vetted by our team before they are allowed onto the website.

If you have any problems, please reach out to us directly.
All of our covers can be edit and tweaked to fit your book, for example if a character has blonde hair but in your story she has red? We can edit that, there are fee's associated with some of these edits depending on how complex, but we will get it done for you.
All of the covers on Book Cover Planet are created and sold as 1 off covers. So when you buy this cover it is removed from the store, never to be sold again.
All of our covers can be made into full print covers for an added cost, which can be added on with your order, or can be ordered after the fact at any time.

Please keep in mind, the full printed cover is a timed extra, so if you order this we will require a few days to customize this to your books print size.